Case Study: How a $750 Million Company Drives Quantity & Quality Direct Response Ads on Facebook

To make direct response work for them on Facebook, we needed to employ the right process that we knew could get them to scale while being mindful of their CPA goals. We also needed to test intelligently and act quickly in the results, as their offers were often bound by time constraints.

When one of the largest lead generation companies came to us seeking an entry into Facebook advertising, they needed a strategy that would reinvigorate their brand and complement their other legacy advertising efforts, including television and direct mail.

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The 5-step process we used to make Facebook advertising one of our client's most valuable channels for lead generation

The scenarios in which you should test ad variations against new vs. established audiences

The results we saw by layering the client's Custom Audience lead data with Facebook's interest targeting

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Our clients are some of the largest and most well-known direct response advertisers on Facebook