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Our people have more than fifteen years each of experience in online marketing, strategic branding, performance marketing and design.  That’s scores of years together.  We have seen it all, from SEO, search ad arbitrage, large scale domain name operations to consumer and B2B marketing – you name it, we’ve been there. We believe all of this experience feeds into where we are today in digital marketing – the confluence of social and mobile into a powerful storm of data and availability and authenticity that, when used properly, can produce outstanding results for our marketing clients.


Optimization Team

Matt Pacheco

  • Cheeks
  • The Tyrant
  • politics
  • Bill Clinton
  • Portugal
  • Red wine
  • dunkin donuts $0.99 latte
  • britney spears

Matt Pacheco brings more than 10 year of experience in performance marketing to the OrionCKB team. Over the last few years, Matt worked as a consultant for OrionCKB sister company ConstellationCK, managing PPC search campaigns for clients and some of CCK’s owned online properties. In 2006, he and OrionCKB managing partner Scott Briggs started a search engine marketing company that generated millions of dollars in revenue through strategic domain acquisition and monetization. Previously, Matt worked as a senior aide to a U.S. Congressman. Principal among his duties was leveraging the power of social media and the Internet to improve communication and fundraising for the Congressman’s campaign. Matt graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst with Bachelor’s Degrees in Economics and Political Science.

Mike Zappulla

  • double entendre
  • driving miss daisy
  • junior
  • Yankees
  • mommy’s brown bag lunch
  • giggles

Mike Zappulla is an ad optimization specialist and employee #2 at OrionCKB. While he’s the youngest of our crew, he’s worked on strategy and management of Facebook advertising programs longer than nearly everyone else within our company! His campaign management responsibilities benefit greatly from his vast experience in data analysis. He previously completed a data analyst internship at Fidelity Investments and ran a student-managed investment fund, where he oversaw the trading of more than $230,000 of Fairfield University’s endowment. Mike graduated from Fairfield University with a Bachelors of Science in Finance.

Noah Schottenfeld

  • star wars
  • the dude
  • green monster
  • Simpson’s
  • Dave
  • Vidal Sassoon
  • Michael Bolton

Noah brings to the team more than 13 years of experience in product management and software development spanning startup, acquisition and large public company operations. Before joining OrionCKB, he led Rovi’s Entertainment Store division whose products have been downloaded onto more than 130MM devices and licensed to the world’s leading companies including Best Buy, Blackberry, Dell, Google, HP and Target. Noah has held product management positions at Sonic Solution where he launched social media features to the 300MM customers of Roxio products. He joined Sonic Solutions through the company’s acquisition of Simple Star in 2008. Noah is a graduate of MIT where he worked in the Media Lab for 3 years while earning a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science.

Yianni Kotsalidis

  • Greek
  • ultimate frisbee
  • touché
  • Idina Menzel
  • more or less
  • 5 seconds of summer

Yianni Kotsalidis is an ad optimization specialist at OrionCKB, where he is responsible for campaign management and ensuring all ad creative, copy and targeting drive results for our clients. Before joining the team, Yianni was a marketing associate at Advanced Eco-Adhesives, where he ran all online marketing activities including SEO and SEM and managed all PPC/AdWords functions. In roles prior, he worked in finance at Northwestern Mutual and EIC Laboratories. Yianni graduated from Suffolk University Sawyer Business School where he studied marketing and finance.

Mamaye Makalou

Mamaye Makalou

  • best western
  • arsenal fc
  • mah-mah-yee
  • mah-mah-yay

Mamaye brings extensive legal and management experience to OrionCKB. Previously, he worked in the private sector and within various agencies of the Federal government. This experience includes reviewing compliance with the IT Capital Planning Process and the implementation of the E-Government Act. He also managed upwards of $26 million in foreign assistance funds. He has a BA in Sociology from the University of Virginia, a JD from George Washington University and a certificate in International Business Management from Georgetown University.


Glen Duarte

  • second round pick
  • fall river
  • dewey
  • broken leg
  • real madrid cf
  • fantasy football guru

Glen Duarte is an ad optimization specialist at OrionCKB, where he’s responsible for campaign management and ensuring all ad creative, copy, and targeting drive results for our clients. Before joining the team, Glen was a Human Services Coordinator for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Developmental Services, where he managed upwards of $3 million in third-party services for his clients on his caseload. Prior to this appointment, Glen worked at Brown University as a Research Technician for the Alcohol and Addiction Studies Department and at Butler Hospital as an Intake Specialist. He holds a B.A. in Sociology from Bridgewater State University.


Stephen Plesko

Stephen is an Ad Optimization Specialist and brings to the OrionCKB team his abundant energy and strong analytical skills. Stephen’s previous experience includes being a risk analyst for Santander Bank, where he was tasked with monitoring the performance of a billion dollar loan portfolio. More recently, he enrolled at Startup Institute-Boston to break out of the cubicle and into the Boston tech scene.

Stephen graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Mathematics/Statistics.

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