Colin Trainor

Ad Optimization Specialist

Colin joins our team as an Ad Optimization Specialist. His role includes exploring and analyzing client data as well as managing and optimizing a variety of PPC campaigns.

Colin’s career path has focused on digital marketing, with roles in everything from sales to leading campaigns through SEM, Social Media Marketing, and Product Marketing. His proudest professional accomplishment to date involved combining everything he had learned from Google AdWords to Facebook advertising to launch and marketing his own boat detailing business.  

It’s this level of initiative and passion that led Colin to search for a job where he could deepen and expand that digital marketing knowledge by working more in-depth in analyzing data and optimizing campaigns.

When he’s not hard at work diving into client data, extracting patterns, and helping to plan their strategies, Colin can be found spending time outdoors either hiking, snowboarding, or camping. A graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Colin earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Marketing.

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