Sandra Rand

VP of Marketing

Sandra Rand is VP of Marketing at OrionCKB, where she leads the agency’s demand generation efforts and works with our sales and ad ops team to promote the incredible work we do for clients. She’s responsible for developing and executing our own marketing strategy. So, if you’ve received one of our newsletters or emails, read our blog or whitepapers, clicked on one of our ads, or joined us as an event, it’s likely Sandra had some hand in orchestrating it.

Prior to her role at OCKB, Sandra was an inbound marketing consultant, specializing in content creation, SEO, public relations, social media, and email marketing for early stage startups. She previously served as PR and Community Manager at CourseAdvisor (owned by the Washington Post) and survived a 4-year stint in the PR world at one of the largest agencies in Boston.

She received her BA in Communications from Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY.


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