Unlocking Facebook’s Potential for Direct Response:

The 2 Most Profitable Targeting Approaches for Advertisers

Get the highest quality conversions out of Facebook advertising by using the same advanced targeting strategies as Zipcar, Publishers Clearing House, ThinkGeek, and Empire Beauty School. 

The one detail you may be missing when using Facebook's Custom Audience targeting; Understand how to scale up and reach new audiences while maintaining quality.

The Russian Doll Strategy

The approach we take to over-qualify audiences, ensuring your Lookalike targets don't just resemble your Custom Audiences, but are highly vetted to fit the profile of your ideal customer. 

What's Inside

Marrying Facebook Custom Audiences with Lookalike targeting is one of the most powerful ways to precisely target high-quality people who are likely to take action on your offer. 

In this playbook, we take that targeting to the next level, disclosing two of the most sophisticated techniques you can employ to ensure you are unlocking the full potential of these targeting options. 

Lookalike Layering

Our clients are some of the largest and most well-known direct response advertisers on Facebook.