The leading car sharing service: Reducing your carbon footprint while reducing their CPA.

Automotive Client

Driving a great experience for customers worldwide.

The Story

Why buy a cocktail dress you’ll wear once, when you can pay a fraction of the price to rent it? Why get a hotel room for your stay in London, when you could experience life in the city in the rented home of a local? And if you’re living in Boston, why buy a car and worry about insurance, parking, and car payments when you can reserve one just for the time you need it?

The sharing economy has been steadily growing, and OrionCKB helped one of the leading car sharing services drive new membership while keeping acquisition costs low.

Our client needed to emphasize the affordable access to their vehicles anywhere members need them, as well as the convenience, flexibility and freedom from the financial obligations of ownership.

To do that, OrionCKB was challenged to manage multiple campaign themes and hundreds of iterations of creative across 20 major markets for this cars-on-demand service. Do the math, and that’s a LOT of ad variations. And what plays well in Philly doesn’t necessarily kill it in Portland.

Our locally focused optimization combined with white glove customer service ensured OrionCKB is an integral part of this organization’s acquisition efforts. The results were met with progressively larger monthly budgets and grander plans for our partnership in the coming year.

We agree with our client that car sharing is the greener, smarter way to get around your city. We also know that working with OrionCKB is the faster, smarter way to dramatically reduce your CPA.

The Goal

  • Reduce Cost Per Acquisition
  • Drive New Memberships
  • Activate Non-Converting Website Visitors

Our Process

  • Test hundreds of audiences and creative combinations.
  • Optimize bidding to pace ad delivery and maximize budget.
  • Create segmented custom audiences of users who previously visited the client’s website.
  • Unlock new audiences with lookalike affinity analysis in two ways: Based on the client’s existing members and based on those who converted from previous Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • Test new and fatigued audiences with highest-performing creative.

The Results


Decrease in Cost Per Acquisition


Growth in Total Number of Conversions


Lift in Average Conversion Rate

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